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Decoding Customer Experience Metrics: A Holistic View of CX Priorities

Decoding Customer Experience Metrics: A Holistic View of CX Priorities


In the dynamic realm of customer experience (CX), every interaction counts, and it's critical to understand the key metrics that shape success. Onecom, in partnership with Contact Babel, explores the intricate landscape of CX metrics in our latest research report, uncovering the pivotal factors that businesses should prioritise for exceptional customer journeys. 

First-Contact Resolution Triumph 

Businesses must recognise and prioritise the critical importance of first-contact resolution in delivering exceptional customer experience. Remarkably, 48% of businesses consider it the most crucial factor in CX. This signifies a positive trend, with businesses in the market actively striving to enhance their CX efforts. By treating the first move in customer interactions as a collaborative effort, businesses can achieve quicker and more effective solutions, ultimately driving efficiency, satisfaction, and loyalty.  

A Customer's Perspective: Age-Related Customer Priorities 

Understanding the diverse preferences of age-related customer priorities unveils nuanced insights that shape CX strategies. For almost half of young consumers aged 16-24 (49%), friendly and polite engagement holds sway. Meanwhile, 57% of customers aged 25-44 favour the swiftness of service, emphasising the importance of efficient wait and response times. Further, 55% of customers aged 45-54 prioritise proximity, favouring UK-based customer service. On the other hand, 65% of customers aged 55+ prefer premium on first-time issue resolution. The ever-evolving landscape of customer expectations highlights the critical need to align CX strategies with a broad spectrum of diverse customer preferences. 

Strategic Customer Benchmarks 

Customer satisfaction scores serve as the ultimate benchmark in the evolving landscape of CX metrics. Remarkably, 70% of businesses consider these scores the most useful metric for evaluating success in delivering exceptional customer experiences. By focusing on this metric, businesses gain valuable feedback to refine approaches, exceed expectations, and foster loyalty. Placing customer experience at the forefront aligns efforts and resources to create resonating experiences that stand out from competitors.  

Stakeholder Priorities 

In the realm of stakeholder priorities, an array of preferences emerges, with 40% of large commercial operations placing a strong emphasis on Net Promoter Score (NPS). Recognising and adapting to these metrics is key in aligning CX strategies with overarching organisational goals, steering businesses towards sustained success. By understanding the metrics that resonate with stakeholders, organisations can drive focused initiatives, make informed decisions, and foster a customer-centric culture. This synergy between CX strategies and stakeholder priorities sets the stage for lasting accomplishments and positions businesses for continued growth and impact. 

Onecom and Contact Babel's exploration into these CX factors offer a valuable roadmap for businesses aiming to unlock exceptional customer experiences and elevate CX strategies. The report delves into various aspects, including agent empowerment, the potential of AI-enabled agent assistance, the evolving landscape of contact centres, the significance of customer satisfaction metrics, and the cost dynamics of service interactions. Download the report today to gain insights and revolutionise your contact centre in 2024.