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Employee Spotlight: Janet Ryan

Employee Spotlight: Janet Ryan

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Janet joined the Onecom family as a Senior Business Analyst back in March 2020 - on the first official day of the first UK lockdown. Thankfully this was no challenge for Janet – and, in her words, she "never looked back".

In her previous role, Janet had spent a couple of decades specialising in the development of accounting and business software and told us, “it has been really refreshing to work with ‘real’ users and help them optimise their processes as well as the systems and tools they use day to day”.

Since day one Janet has successfully navigated joining a new business, working from home, and not being able to immediately meet her team face to face due to lockdown and a global pandemic. In that time, as well as developing her own knowledge and skillset, she has recruited and grown a fantastic team of Business Analysts that she describes as, “friendly, supportive, hardworking and a team that I am very proud of.”

Janet explains that she felt extremely welcome, and her manager in particular did a “first class job” of settling her into the business: “I felt completely at home within the company environment”.

“Onecom have always valued my development. I recently completed a qualification through the International Institute of Business Analysis. Onecom supported my choice and allowed me to complete the certification requirements, enabling me to pass my exam. This was really valuable to me as I hadn’t undertaken any professional examinations for quite a long time. It restored the confidence I had in myself to tackle these sorts of challenges.”

Janet said that one of the biggest plus points of working at Onecom for her is the fact that our people are so supportive and helpful. Other benefits include Onecom’s agile approach to home working, the fact our company values are so closely aligned to her own and that she feels encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which “indicates a genuine concern for and interest in the individuals who work at Onecom.”

In December 2020, Janet was awarded Operations Employee of the Year. This annual recognition is voted for by the people within that business area. This recognition pays testament to the hard work and dramatic change Janet produced within her first year with Onecom. In December 2021, Janet was awarded our Onecom Employee of the Year award. This is one of the highest levels of recognition, as voted for by our Executive Leadership Team. This prestigious award was given to Janet in acknowledgement of Janet’s brilliant work ethic, admirable attitude and top notch leadership approach.

Outside of work you will find Janet doing a range of activities from supporting her local village community, including acting as the parish archivist, and re-learning to play the piano. She has three children who are also keen pianists, and they like to keep Janet on her toes!

Final words from Janet: “I think that at every stage of your life it's important to relish the challenges that are put your way and keep on learning new things.  You can very often surprise yourself in what you can do that you didn't think you'd be able to do.  If someone had said to me even just five years ago that I would become fascinated by telecoms and the systems that surround it, I don't think I would have believed them for one moment, but it is the fascination and interest in the subject that help me enjoy the job that I do.”

Janet’s manager, Chris James (Head of Business Change) says: “Not only has Janet met expectations over the last two years, she has exceeded them. Janet has transformed the business analyst team into a high performing and motivated team delivering for Onecom. The biggest challenge for this year is that there isn’t a bigger award to win!”

We really couldn’t agree more.

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