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Case Study: Optima Systems and Connect4Teams

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With technology adoption continuing to accelerate as working habits change, it’s no surprise that the uptake of cloud services has risen dramatically over the past months.

To put this into context, remote working technology such as Microsoft Teams now has 115 million daily active users (DAU) compared to 32 million DAU this time last year. However, some businesses have gone a step further in their transformation by making use of simple and seamless integrations such as Connect4Teams to consolidate their unified communications portfolio. In the midst of COVID-19 lockdown, that’s exactly what international leader in glass partitioning systems and solutions, Optima Systems chose to implement.

Optima Systems (Optima) are a leading manufacturer with regional UK offices, as well as presence overseas, with over 30 years’ experience crafting partitioning systems and doors. Like many businesses, last year Optima was faced with an accelerated requirement for staff to work from home. Rather than opting for a temporary solution, Optima chose to work with Onecom to undergo a cloud migration, with the objective to improve the visibility and cost-effectiveness of their IT infrastructure.

In our latest case study, we discuss how Optima worked with Onecom to implement a reliable enterprise-grade UC solution within an existing Teams environment. With a combination of Mitel Enterprise Voice and Microsoft’s World-class collaboration tool, all delivered through Onecom’s Cloud Managed Service Platform for a synchronised view of the infrastructure, Optima successfully enabled it’s desk-based staff to securely communicate and collaborate within a single unified communications platform, regardless of physical location.

Optima Systems’ Group IT Director Adam Morgan commented:

“In all my years’ experience, this was the most seamless voice migration we have undertaken. It was done in challenging circumstances with a tight schedule, in the middle of a pandemic. As a business, we now have the resiliency and consistency of service required to continue business from any location.”

In our latest case study in partnership with Optima Solutions, you’ll discover:

  • How Optima connected their global workforce with Connect4Teams
  • How taking advantage of lockdown led to an increased desire to drive tech adoption
  • Where and how rich analytical capabilities improve the overall user experience

Click here to read the full story on Onecom’s work with Optima to implement a future-proof, quick to deploy cloud telephony solution within Microsoft Teams.


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