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Onecom blog post

How are customer expectations driving us to change our communications strategy?

Nick Beardsley ,

Customers’ expectations are changing rapidly, they expect to be able to do business with us in the way they want to. They expect us to be local to them regardless of where they are doing business. We see at Onecom first-hand the world now in terms of business is the world is a much smaller place, but it’s never been so connected.  We’re seeing barriers being broken down but to thrive in this international market, organisations need to be able to engage with their customers, they need to be able to communicate, collaborate and they need to be able to share information on a global scale.

For organisations that manage to do this effectively, the results are significant. These come in the form of operational and cost benefits of course, but this is also a world where by being agile we can enter new markets really quickly and cost effectively. The ability to provide your customers with local support, local customer experience, local service but without the burden, complexity and expense of managing local infrastructure is key here. The ability to transform the way you deliver customer experience and service on a global scale means delivering true value.  Finally, offering consistency regardless of where you are operating is fundamental.

I think also its about breaking down latency or removing latency, looking at the communication workflow, looking at where that breaks down and working out how we can be more agile. We can be quicker than the competition, we can make decisions quicker, we can communicate quicker, you can service your customers faster regardless of where you are, which country you are operating in and what the time zone is. By doing this, the operational benefits and the way that you do business can change, you can absolutely show some differentiation.

There are technology benefits too. No longer do you need to have PBX’s, PSTN boxes and expensive maintenance contracts in very region. No longer do you need to tie up really important IT expertise in each country just focused on keeping the lights on. We can replace that with a single managed service contract globally enabling IT leaders to focus on innovation and business change.

With innovation and modern technology we are seeing a massive seed change in what customers want in terms of service.

What does a good managed service partner look like now in this modern technology world?

  • How do you find a partner to help drive your business forward?
  • How does new technology have a positive impact on your organization?
  • What is your operational model today? How do you service a customer?
  • How can we help you do things differently and more cost effectively and more dynamically?
  • How do you underpin any operational changes in your organisation?

Onecom’s approach and upfront consultancy are really important here.

With cloud it’s all about having centralised capabilities, but it is not just about access to applications. Infrastructure, security, virtual environments, planning, change management, and the ability to troubleshoot and understand where issues lie and fix things quickly are all key to ensuring a positive impact on your business.

Vendor management and an end to end service design based on modern technologies are critical

This is where Onecom are different. Onecom took a strategic decision 3 years ago to go Cloud, we deliver only Cloud services. Everything we do: engagement with customers, consultancy, PMO and managed service has all been built from the ground up to deliver managed services around cloud communications customer engagement technology. That’s different from the market, a lot of our competition are trying to embark on this cloud journey but they are still burdened by having to manage tin. They are still very much focused on break-fix maintenance contracts. Onecom are not like that, we took a decision to go solely cloud, our business and every operational function are aligned to support cloud.

“It’s our customers that are driving us to do things differently.”

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