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Ensuring Connectivity in the Age of Home-working

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As the emergence of home-working continues, many organisations have struggled to adjust to the changing requirements of business communications, leaving teams unable to adequately communicate and collaborate with one another. For this reason, it’s easy to see why insufficient home connectivity can have a major impact on overall business productivity.  

Remote working solutions are powerful, with clear benefits to both employee productivity and job satisfaction, but the right infrastructure and connectivity is required to ensure these benefits can be truly realised. Thankfully, technology for improving home connectivity is readily available for any business, large or small. 

The Connected Business 

The truth is, in 2021, it’s totally possible for organisations to eradicate the connectivity issues that can occur while working remotely, either by enhancing the capabilities of employees’ home broadband, or making use of alternate methods of connectivity altogether, forgoing the requirement to connect to a busy home network. Whether you are balancing work and homeschooling or have multiple people in your household fighting for bandwidth on a daily basis, optimising speed and performance is without doubt a necessity.  

 By understanding the technology available, you can create a more future-proof remote working strategy that ultimately makes your business (and your employees) more resilient and efficient:  

Software-Defined technology 

 Software-Defined Networking (SDN) provides a more flexible and intelligent way to connect while working from home. By moving away from traditional network management, software-defined networking allows network control to be directly programmable, creating a more cost-effective, agile, and manageable form of connectivity. The service can be overlaid onto any existing home broadband connection. 

Once implemented, SD technology can offer a number of benefits for remote workers, who will enjoy a more reliable connection to essential services such as cloud applications by intelligently managing and prioritising bandwidth. Service agents who require access to hosted VoIP solutions will also enjoy greater quality-of-service, helping customers and agents stay connected. As organisations embrace the new normal in the aftermath of the third UK COVID-19 lockdown, it’s likely we will continue to see software-defined networking become an increasingly common way to improve remote connectivity. 

Cloud-based Applications 

It’s common for many organisations to feel like they have not yet embarked on ‘the cloud journey’, but this generally isn’t the case. Many applications used daily by organisations such as Microsoft Teams are using cloud-based real-time applications, sending data to a cloud-hosted server where information is stored for later access. The benefits of the cloud for those working remotely is clear, with the ability to access crucial business applications from any location, on their device of choice, with greater reliability of service. 

Working with a proficient cloud managed service provider (like Onecom) gives you the capabilities to move all your cloud applications into a singular ecosystem, simplifying the updates and management associated with your business applications, with an associated predictable monthly cost-per-seat.  

Connectivity Devices 

With more people working from home and many children still having lessons online, organisations are opting for an alternative to home broadband connections using personal 4G or 5G data connections. By using a personal ‘Mi-Fi’ device that creates a localised signal similar to a home router, employees can create their own private internet connection, separate to their main broadband, keeping them connected when it matters most. 

Onecom provide Vodafone 4G and 5G-enabled plug and play devices, designed to provide reliable personal Wi-Fi, with unlimited data SIMs, rolling contracts, no long-term obligation. Remain agile, operational, and effective while saving money - guaranteed.  

An Experienced Technology Partner 

Creating a future-proof technology strategy can be challenging without the knowledge and assistance of a specialist technology partner such as Onecom. Having a partner gives you access to a team of experienced specialists who can assist with delivering an outcome-focused solution that meets your connectivity requirements. We’ll even manage the service on your behalf, letting you focus on what’s important.  

By implementing resilient connectivity solutions, organisations have the opportunity to not only optimise speed and performance throughout lockdown, but create long-term business continuity that drives agility far beyond the reaches of the pandemic.   

Click here to learn more about how Onecom can help you create resilient connectivity for your business, or get in contact with us today for a bespoke session.