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Onecom blog post

Celebrating a new era of innovation with Mitel, Google…and Onecom

Martin Flick , ,

Game changers don’t happen every day, but yesterday was one of those days. The announcement from Mitel came after the Google Next event that they have become one of only a handful of global partners to incorporate Google A.I. and the Digital and Virtual Contact Centre Agent. This, added in to what is already a market leading cloud proposition is exciting and ground breaking news.

Earlier this week, we published an independently commissioned report into the digitalisation of the legal sector, and it was no surprise that AI and automation was front and centre. It’s the same in other sectors too; Retail, Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance to name but a few.

We have all been talking about the digital revolution for a while now, and whilst everyone can see the theoretical benefits, the big question to date has been “how, and with who?”. In my view that question has now been answered.

Google are well recognised as market leading in the digital automation and AI space. Mitel have transformed in the past four years from tin shifting ICT and arguably once in third place behind Cisco and Avaya; into the market leading provider of Cloud and UC and Contact Centre as a Service globally, winning market share, customer loyalty and the support of well-regarded industry analysts for good reason.

From an Onecom perspective we adopted the Mitel Cloud strategy early, and in four years have become their leading provider of Cloud deployments in the UK. In addition, with an increasing number of World Cloud wins we have proven our ability to deliver business critical Cloud telephony and contact centre solutions to market leaders in their own field, across the globe.

What was a strong partnership and compelling proposition has just been enhanced to superpower status with the announcement of capability across Mitel and Google, which Onecom can deliver to revolutionise the contact centre environment and change the way customer interactions are managed to the benefit of all parties. The focus is consistently on driving efficiency, improving productivity and enhancing customer experience with best of breed ingredients. The 4th industrial revolution is now in full swing and I look forward to seeing Mitel storm even further ahead, with Onecom firmly at their side.