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Google Pixel 7 – is it the most secure device on the market?

Google Pixel 7 – is it the most secure device on the market?

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Your digital life and most sensitive information live on your phone: financial, passwords, personal data, photos – you name it. So, when you choose business phones, you want to be sure that company information and employee data is kept safe – wherever you are working.

Google’s Pixel 7 could be the most secure choice for your business, according to over 1,500 consumers.

In Omdia’s annual Mobile Device Security Buyers’ Scorecard, the Google Pixel 7 came out on top, with consumers scoring it above competitors for identity protection, network security, hardware security and anti-malware protection.

The ratings were based on hands-on testing by Pen Test Partners, combined with a survey of 1,500 consumers worldwide.

You can read the full report here [link to report].

Here are four reasons why we think the Pixel 7 ranked above the rest:

Secure to the core

Sensitive business data on the Pixel 7 is protected from the inside out, with multiple layers of hardware security. Its next-gen enterprise-grade Titan M2 security chip, plus, Google Tensor, the first processor with a built-in security core, makes the phones even more resilient to cyber attacks – ideal if you carry around financial information, confidential client info or passwords you’d rather keep out of other people’s hands.

Also, the Pixel 7 becomes even more secure over time, offering at least five years of the latest Android security features and updates to protect your data.

Designed to protect your privacy

Safeguard your important communications with built-in protections that scan and notify you about potential scams in phone calls, texts, emails and links. In addition, Pixel phones have Google Play Protect, which scans apps every day to keep your phone safe and secure.

Last year Google rolled out its biggest update yet, which gave all users of the Pixel 7 free access to the VPN from its Google One service. You can use Google’s VPN to keep your online activity private and secure. Safely browse the internet using public WiFi and the data can’t be tied to your identity (IP address).

Spam protection

Some calls and texts from unknown numbers can be scams, and it’s often difficult to identify them. Caller ID and Spam protection along with Call Screen uses Google Assistant to help you find out who’s calling and why before you pick up. Verified SMS for Messages confirms the identity of a business that’s texting you – all on your device. When verified, you’ll see the business name, logo and a verification badge in the message. This reduces the chance your employees will fall victim to a scam and cause a company-wide data breach.

Safer browsing

Google Safe Browsing helps protect your Pixel 7 from phishing attacks by showing you warnings anytime you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

It also has anti-phishing protections that notify users of potential threats coming in form phone calls, text messages, emails and links sent through other apps.

Google Pixel 7 is built for business, combining industry-leading security features with the latest Google technology, empowering businesses to reimagine the way they work and equip employees with high-performing mobile devices.

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