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How Vonage helped us avoid disruption

How Vonage helped us avoid disruption

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider , ,

With the current disruption to businesses globally due to Covid-19, Vonage was one of our key technology providers. Vonage enabled us to seamlessly transition all our employees from working in our offices to working from home overnight while continuing to offer our 90,000+ business customers access to our cloud contact centre services.

Chris James, Head of Business Change at Onecom, said “Without the Vonage Contact Center, Onecom would not have been able to move employees to 100% remote work. Our employees are as effective at home as they are at the office using the Vonage Contact Center, which has enabled Onecom to continue offering the best possible support to our customers, while also helping us boost our revenue and operations.”

Vonage’s award-winning Contact Center solution integrated all communication channels without expensive, disruptive hardware changes and plugged straight into our business’s CRM platform. Nearly 300 agents are now benefitting from immediate access to customer’s entire history of interactions, and inbound calls are being dynamically managed and routed, ensuring callers are connected to the most appropriate agent – improving handling time and customer satisfaction.

All advisors can log into the same system wherever they are. The Vonage solution offers a real-time window into the entire contact centre operation, so agents can be easily managed, while call recordings and customisable reports allow us to understand where improvement opportunities exist.

We are also taking advantage of the Vonage Dialer, which helps ensure sales and service teams work optimally. The dialer has created more time for meaningful conversations, removed agent misdials, and reduced time between calls. As a result, we’ve exceeded forecasted uplift in contact rate, increased revenues and gained efficiencies.

Stu Jeffries, Head of Customer Service at Onecom, comments, “Vonage has played a key role in the biggest change we have ever made to our working practices. Our contact centre seamlessly transitioned from 0 to 100% of our people working from home overnight. Insightful bespoke reporting, combined with the ability to make realtime changes to our IVR options and customer messaging, have created flexibility and tangible efficiencies which will reap benefits for many years to come.”

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