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Introducing OneSPARKS, the new podcast from Onecom

Introducing OneSPARKS, the new podcast from Onecom

Onecom ,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Onecom Podcast: OneSPARKS.

OneSPARKS is a six-part podcast series of 20 - 30 minute episodes featuring important topics from industry leaders and experts in their fields.
The new series aims to demonstrate to the business community how a combination of partnership and innovation can create a force to be reckoned with through examples of real-life scenarios and exploring the practicalities behind transformative technology.

Our first episode is all about the future of contact centres and the digital workforce, featuring Colin Campbell the Strategic Acquisitions Director at Onecom and Callan Schebella the Head of Product Management at Five9.

With the world of customer service and contact centres changing constantly, businesses are on the lookout for methods to improve the way customer experience is delivered. The digital worker is the next step in workforce optimisation.

The aim is not to necessarily replace human resources as there are certain tasks better suited to human interactions, such as negotiations and displaying empathy. However, having digital assistants in place help to automate the mundane, repetitive tasks that human workers may find less interesting, ultimately improves employee productivity and engagement.

Through the use of digital workers, businesses can utilise multiple platforms such as phone and live chat, to service their customers. An automated customer experience provides the added advantage of having a service available 24/7/365 for a true always-on service model.

Since the UK was hit by the Covid pandemic, the service industry has had to evolve exponentially to keep up with the changes to the workplace and agile working. This has also helped create a demand for improvement in AI related software to develop virtual call centres and digital assistance.

Check out the podcast to hear a more in depth discussion on the topic and remember to rate, review and subscribe!