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Samsung Galaxy A40 VS Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A40 VS Galaxy A70

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Today sees the release of two more of the Samsung A family of handsets – and they are beauties! The A40 is a mid range handset which sits right in the middle of the A range line up, and its big brother is the A70 – a larger, upper mid range phone which boasts features comparible to the premium handsets like the S10, but at a lower cost.

The A40 is a shorter and narrower handset, which, as a step up from the A20e, still packs a punch for a mid-range handset with its 24 megapixel camera and 4GB of RAM. For many small businesses, this will be cost-effective and more than powerful enough.

For more power and prestige, the A70 boasts a film-friendly 6.7-inch screen and Samsung’s highest specification camera at 32 Megapixels – naturally this larger device comes at a higher cost than the more modest A40 and A50.

Both phones have the infinity U display, giving the user what Samsung calls immersive viewing, an enhanced multi-window interface and a sleek screen to body ratio of 90%.

But which one of these two newbies is best for you? If you’re looking for a large phone that looks and feels like a premium handset but also operates like a tablet with a large screen which makes creating and editing documents a breeze, multi screen view, excellent video streaming and a camera that’s probably one of the best on the market today, then the A70 could be a great option.

If budget is a consideration and you are looking for a mid-range device that sits in the palm of your hand comfortably, but still does the everyday jobs you need, then the A40 may well be the one.

Of course, Samsung’s flagship S10 is still around for those whose busy schedules and need for processing power demand a device at the top of the range.

The specifications for each of the new handsets are as follows:

Galaxy A70

6.7-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution with concave design, Infinity-U for front camera installation


128 GB capacity

32-megapixel rear camera

32-megapixel front camera (Samsung’s highest right now)

4,500 mAh battery supports 25 W Fast Charge

Finger scan sensor on the screen

Galaxy A40

A 5.9-inch AMOLED screen with Infinity-U design

Exynos 7904 chip


64 GB capacity

24-megapixel rear camera + 5 million pixels

25-megapixel front camera

Battery 3,100 mAh  – supports Fast Charge at 15 W

Rear finger scan sensor

If you’re looking to upgrade and you still aren’t sure which handset is best for your needs, talk it through with a member of our knowledgeable business team by calling 01952 235846.