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Nokia G22 – the DIY-repairable phone with reliability that lasts

Nokia G22 – the DIY-repairable phone with reliability that lasts

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Meet the Nokia G22 – one of the very few smartphones on the market that allows you to repair your own phone. It’s purposefully built so you can keep it for longer and packed with performance enhancing features for a smoother smartphone experience.

At an affordable price, it’s a great option for businesses, so here’s three reasons why you should consider adding the G22 to your mobile fleet.

Built to last, inside and out

At first glance the G22 is a normal looking smartphone but unclip the back from the frame using a pick tool (included with the device) and you can easily replace the battery or screen if you need to.

You can forget about lengthy repair shop wait times or any potential data loss. Simply go online to Nokia’s partner iFixit for replacement parts, tools and easy-to-follow guidance.

Despite the phone’s QuickFix repairability, you may never need to use it, thanks to the array of longevity promises – with a 100% recycled plastic back cover and case included in the box, three years warranty, two Android OS upgrades and up to three years security updates. With a three-day battery life capable of 800 charging cycles, it will stay in good shape for longer.

The G22 also comes with 20wv fast charging, so that if you do run out of power, you can be back in action in no time. The screen itself is protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 3, so for even the toughest of work environments, from construction site, to office, this phone is built to last.

More memory and storage when you need it

The phone comes with 64GB memory as standard, however, the memory extension feature turns free storage (of up to 2GB) into additional virtual RAM. There is also an option for MicroSD support for up to 2TB. This gives you the freedom to work from your phone, whether it’s writing an article, report or creating a presentation, wherever and whenever.

The performance optimiser tool ‘auto clear’ automatically closes apps you’re not using, freeing up more processing power so you can be at your most productive. The 6.5-inch HD display includes a 90Hz refresh rate – which means lower latency and makes content look and feel smoother. Even swiping through your emails and surfing the web is quicker and looks better at this refresh rate.

Enhanced image and audio experience

Whether you’re listening through wired headphones (yes, it has a headphone jack!) or the speaker, the G22 comes with OZO playback for clearer sound and enhanced bass. With Audio boost mode, video calls and music will come through load and clear for everyone in the room.

The 50MP camera helps you get the perfect shot from sunrise to sunset – Night and Quick Night modes balance highlights and shadows just the right way for the perfect nighttime shot using the front and rear cameras. Whether you’re snapping photos for social media or for print, you don’t need to worry about missing out on quality.

If you’re looking for a sustainable phone, matched by up-to-date security and Android features, this device may be ideal for your business.

The Nokia G22 comes in a choice of two colours: Meteor Grey or Lagoon Blue and is available to order now.

For the full specification, see https://www.onecom.co.uk/partners/nokia-for-business/ 

To learn more about what a move to Nokia might look like for your business, get in touch with our expert team at 01952 466645