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Nokia Android Phones | Onecom

Nokia Android Phones | Onecom

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Over the last few years, Nokia have been making their comeback into the mobile world. With a wide portfolio of devices from low to high-end devices, business customers now have access to quality devices at every price point. Not only that, but Nokia is now ranked number 1 for software updates and security. Plus, all their smartphones are due to be upgraded to Android 10 by 2020.

It’s an exciting time for sure! We’re proud to partner with them to offer a wide range of devices to suit your business.

Where it all began

Nokia started off as a Paper pulp manufacturing company in 1865 in Finland. Their name stemmed from the river Nokianvirta, which was nearby to the original company site.

As a manufacturing company, they quickly moved into other markets with telecommunications and mobiles forming a large part of their market. Their famous ringtone was used throughout the 19th century and was finally renamed as the ‘Nokia tune’ in 1999.

Android 10 rollout

This year, Nokia has been the fastest mobile manufacturer to adopt Android 10 across their devices. The rollout will continue in 2020 to cover the majority of their smartphone portfolio. Not only that, but at the beginning of October they added to their device range including the Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 800 Tough and the Nokia 2720 Flip. This enhanced their reputation as a manufacturer offering quality products, innovation and choice all at super-competitive prices.

Expanding the portfolio

In a strong renewal of the mid-segment, the Nokia 6.2 premiered a triple camera and always-on HDR display staying true to its Nordic heritage with timeless craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials. The 7.2 offers a premium design, Triple Zeiss camera setup in a classic and sophisticated Nordic design.

Following from this, Nokia has now launched their own rugged device. This will tackle the growing requirements of manufacturing and construction industries to have a smart phone that is durable out on the field. The Nokia 800 Tough has been made to military standards with a longer battery life perfect for consumers.

What’s next for Nokia?

In 2019, not only did they expand their portfolio, they were also ranked #1 globally for software updates and security. Nokia continued to produce smartphones which are compatible with zero-touch enrolment. This makes it easy to deploy multiple devices with MDM profiles without any physical contact. It also makes it easier to scale deployments across multiple devices and ensure the devices are set up straight out of the box.

In 2020, it is expected that they will be rolling Android 10 out further along with introducing some new devices to their growing portfolio.

Partnering with Nokia enables us to offer more choice to our customers. Business mobile phone contracts have come a long way which can make it difficult to choose which make and models will suit your business. That’s why we’re on hand to help you find the right devices that will work across your business.

Get in touch today or contact us as salesenquiries@onecom.co.uk for more details.