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OneSPARKS Podcast Episode 5: Agile Leadership in Modern Business

OneSPARKS Podcast Episode 5: Agile Leadership in Modern Business

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In Episode 5 of the OneSPARKS podcast, experts from Onecom & Mitel discuss the new agile working world. We look at the changes over the past 18 months, and share opinions on how senior leaders are supporting ever-evolving ways of working.

Billie Hartless, Chief Human Resource Officer at Mitel, and Parysa Hosseini-Sech, People and Culture Director at Onecom, define the meaning of agile working and discuss why it's so important for businesses to adapt quickly to changing workplace environments.

There has been so much uncertainty during the pandemic which left businesses having to make last-minute and unplanned changes. Our experts share their own experiences of the core challenges their teams faced, and explain how they mobilised their people to be able to work effectively in virtual remote environments.

They delve into why strong and adaptive leadership is so critical, especially during turbulent times and why good communication is an organisations biggest asset when planned well. When face-to-face communication was taken away, leaders had to recognise that people have different preferences in the way in which they consume information, therefore using the right tools and mediums to execute a communications strategy is just as important as the message itself.

Whilst it’s clear that the agile world has been a shock to some businesses, there have been some benefits such as a better work/life balance through hybrid working, and enhanced productivity.

Both Billie and Parysa finish their conversation by congratulating their colleagues for the great work over the last 18 months. Is has been so unpredictable during this time, yet all professionals have been able to adapt well, even up against the pressure to be experts on a lot of new topics overnight.

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