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Samsung Security – Second to None

Samsung Security – Second to None

Onecom, UK’s largest independent business telecoms provider , ,

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is built with security in mind. The comprehensive mobile security platform Samsung KNOX was designed to offer solutions for a better way of working securely.

Samsung KNOX delivers the security needed for your enterprise’s Android devices. From hardware to applications, multi-layered security ensures you enjoy the world’s favourite mobile operating system with the security standards your enterprise network demands.

SM-G935F_30L_BlackFeatures within the system include the ability to completely separate business and personal data. You can access business email and calendars that are totally isolated from the rest of the device, safely and securely.

In KNOX Workspace container, users are able to easily move apps from the personal area of the device to allow quick access to information shared in this way. In order to remain totally secure, the reverse function is not available; apps may not be removed from the container.

The Trusted Boot and Secure Boot procedures prevent unauthorised operating systems and bootloaders from loading on a device during the start-up process. Measurements of any such bootloaders are recorded within the device’s secure memory, and further systems make security decisions based on this data.

The Workspace container separates, isolates, encrypts and protects your work from malicious attackers, providing security and peace of mind from the moment you switch on the device.


To learn more about how Samsung KNOX and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge can transform your business, talk to Onecom on 03300 24 00 00.