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The new era of business computing with Samsung

The new era of business computing with Samsung

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Today, new ways of working require staff to be available in the office, at home, and on the road. As a result, teams need to be supplied with powerful, resilient, and flexible devices that help them stay productive wherever they’re working.

Smartphones have shown us their ability to adapt and deliver true flexibility – yet some laptops and computers have yet to do the same. Still tethered to our desks by cables and wires, the time has come for a laptop that enables mobility and gives the changing workforce what is needs. Thankfully the Samsung computing range is here to help.

Combining high performance, astounding displays and faster connectivity, here’s 5 reasons why Samsung computing devices are built for business.

Built for mobility

In the world of hybrid working, a bulky, heavy device is bothersome and unwanted - with staff often leaving devices at home to avoid lugging them about. The Galaxy Book and Chromebook range, however, is designed with user mobility in mind.

Thin, light, and portable – the Galaxy Book measures 15.4mm and weighs just 3.55 pounds, making it as comfortable to carry as it is stylish. The Galaxy Book Pro, weighs an even lighter 1.9 pounds. Ultra-portable equals ultra-productive, as Samsung’s lightweight design ensures you can always take your work with you.

The Samsung computing range enables you to do more – and quicker. Joining forces with Microsoft and Google, Samsung has formed a powerful partnership to deliver a suite of productivity apps that sync across the Galaxy book and Chromebook range. Providing access to apps including video calling, note taking, document editing, design, and image creation – Samsung is an on-the-go productivity powerhouse.

Next-gen performance

With the latest Intel Core CUP and GPU, the Samsung Galaxy Book range is unmatched in performance. Offering beautiful AMOLED displays and long-life battery, the ultra-slim Galaxy Book Pro’s processor is Intel EVO-certified - after passing vigorous tests into key experience indicators, including responsiveness of the battery and how quickly the device “wakes up” from sleep mode.

Designed to handle any CPU-intensive applications, picking a computer from the Samsung range results in a greater peace of mind that your team will get exceptional performance, no matter how much multi-tasking they need to do.

A device ecosystem

Thanks to Samsung, you can now switch with ease between your phone and your Galaxy Book or Chromebook. With apps like Link to Windows, you can mirror your entire phone for a more seamless workflow across devices - tracking notifications, make calls or send texts all from your computer device, without having to touch your phone. You can even connect your Tab S7 and create a second screen, using your S pen to send notes to your device.

With all these devices, you’ll be shocked to hear there’s no need for multiple chargers and wires, as Samsung offers a compact USB-C charger that can change any compatible Samsung device.

A managed service partner

As a Samsung Elite accredited partner, Onecom provides support and management, working to find our customers the best devices for their needs. Having a direct relationship with both Samsung and our customers, allows us to provide quality solutions for your mobile requirements, no matter what industry you’re in.

Pay for quality, get quality

In the world of flexible working, businesses need computers that keep up. Taking everything learnt from their best-selling mobile devices, Samsung’s computer range is manufactured using the latest hardware to ensure the highest levels of quality.

As one of the thinnest and lightest laptops available in the modern computer market, Samsung’s computing range provides its customers with long-lasting battery life, with batteries designed to let you discharge and recharge your laptop up to 1,500 times – three times better than a standard laptop battery.

All this, combined with Super AMOLED displays - offering vivid, crystal-clear picture, and 120% colour volume – allows users to discover true business mobility.  

 To find out more about what Samsung solutions we provide, which might work best for your business and how we can help, chat with one of our team here