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What will 5G mean for business?

What will 5G mean for business?

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The buzz around 5G has been going on for a while now, with a lot of excitement around what it can deliver, mixed with some controversy along the way as well. Although full deployment can take time and we’re not there yet, what is agreed is that 5G will certainly greatly change both social and business interactions.

It is expected that businesses will pick up on 5G business broadband much faster than its 4G predecessor, with predictions of 2.8 billion subscriptions in five years (30% of all mobile subscriptions at that time).

The global pandemic has created a situation where more people are having to use online services for work, e-commerce, learning, entertainment and communicating with family and friends. This has resulted in a lot more data traffic being generated and higher demand from people for a better network experience. 5G can provide this!

The three main benefits of 5G are:

  • Speed: 10x faster speeds with the ability to download files in seconds
  • Lower latency: increasing productivity and providing a seamless experience
  • Connectivity: reliability like you’ve never seen before, connecting at real-time speeds

How will 5G impact businesses?

  • Overall performance upgrades

The speed increase from 5G will be of great service to many businesses allowing complex processes to be performed much faster and smoother. This will have a knock-on effect on the consumer experience and what businesses are able to deliver.

  • A further push to digitalization

With the pandemic making some traditional methods of shopping and accessing services more difficult, its clear that businesses becoming even more digital is inevitable. Businesses will become more creative with their mobile apps and websites, being able to stream videos in real-time and incorporate augmented reality.

  • Better customer service

There will be many ways in which businesses will be able to improve customer service. From understanding customer needs better and reacting in real-time, to implementing video calling and improved website capabilities. Machine learning technology will be improved through faster network speeds so that more consumer information can be collected contributing to generating a unique customer experience.

  • Improved security

With the increase in the data coming through due to faster networks, fraud prevention systems will be able to quickly identify fraudulent transactions, protecting businesses and consumer losses.

With the deployment of 5G mobile networks currently in progress, it hopefully won’t be a long wait until all businesses can begin to look at how they can develop strategies for the implementation of 5G business broadband technology.

If 5G is something your business is interested in, you can discuss any requirements or questions you have with one of our experts on 03300 888 999.