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Why choose MiVoice Office?

MiVoice Office from Mitel is designed specifically for today’s enterprise environment. Highly cost competitive, easily scalable, feature and application rich, MiVoice Office provides both digital and IP connectivity.

Key features

  • Comprehensive suite of business productivity applications – out of the box.
  • Embedded mobility enables employees to stay productive anywhere, using the device of their choice, wherever they may be.
  • Unrivalled range of IP and digital desktop phones.


The right solution – whatever the job

First impressions always count, and with Mitel’s superior call routing, your calls are directed to the correct person every time.
MiVoice Office is fully scalable, but also comes with a suite of applications normally associated only with large corporate systems.
MiVoice Office has the ability to link sites directly without extra expense.
Calling one number provides direct access to field employees wherever they are working. Stay in touch with management and colleagues regardless of their location.
Call management software ensures employees perform at their peak, and resources are optimised at times of increased call volumes.
Bring your own device to work. Feature rich applications to install and use on selected smart devices ensure seamless contact with colleagues both in the office and remotely.