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Guide Switching to Cloud Telephony: Everything you need to know

In our ebook, ‘Switching to Cloud Telephony: Everything you need to know’, we outline the benefits of moving your systems to a scalable cloud solution.


Making the Switch

One of the most important changes a business can make right now is the technological shift to the cloud. Communication is business-critical, and many organisations are choosing to replace their ageing phone systems ahead of the ISDN switch-off with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead.

Making a change like this may seem daunting for any business. Evolving your communications infrastructure requires your business to adapt. But VoIP offers enormous business opportunities for those willing to embrace it, and it's possible to migrate from an on-premises system to the cloud without the hassle.

Discover the Benefits

In today’s world, there are many incentives for moving your business telephony to the cloud. From delivering brilliant customer experiences in line with changing expectations, to supporting new ways of working, cloud telephony is a cost-effective solution for business growth.

What's in the guide:

  • Why businesses are adopting cloud telephony
  • The benefits of switching to VoIP
  • The challenges businesses face when making the change and how to overcome them
  • A comprehensive guide on how to switch your system

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