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OneSPARKS Podcast Episode 3 Series 2 - Transcript

Samsung Work Wonders Mini Series, Unrivalled Security (Part 3 of 4)

Dave Harries [00:00:05] Hello and a very warm welcome to the OneSPARKS podcast. Today our studios have been taken over by Samsung for a four part mini-series discussing Samsung's Work Wonders campaign. During the series, we will be delving into the critical pillars of Samsung's business ecosystem: Security, Support, Solutions and Products. We'll be exploring how they help businesses overcome the barriers and blockages that inhibit productivity and profitability. Samsung's ecosystem is not about the individual products and services, but how they work together to deliver better business outcomes, and this mini-series will give you an insight into how this can be achieved. In today's episode, we will be discussing the Unrivalled Security of Samsung's Work Wonders. My name is Dave Harries, and with me to explain what this means for you as a customer, I have expert guest Paul Harris, the Head of Mobile Channel Partners at Samsung. Welcome, Paul. It's nice to have you back on the podcast again. Before we start talking about this Unrivalled Security, could you once again summarise please Work Wonders and what it why it matters to businesses?


Paul Harris [00:01:13] No worries, Dave. Thanks again for having me on. So yeah, we launched the Work Wonders campaign in November last year and the idea of the campaign is to focus on how technology can specifically support British businesses. It's very much designed to create awareness of Samsung's business technology solutions, support and security. And for context, small and midsize enterprises is very much on the rise. And I think there were broadly 100,000 start-ups every quarter. So, there is so much innovation there to be harnessed. But more to the point, there needs to be a programme and organisations like Samsung can play a critical role in helping these businesses get off the ground.


Dave Harries [00:01:54] So today we're going to talk about Security specifically. We have alluded to Security and talked a little bit about it in some of the other podcasts as well. But we're going to focus on it today, because I think Security is such a big issue. it's a big issue for any business, whether you're an SME or you're a huge multinational, security matters. It matters to the company. And it of course, it matters to your customers as well, because they need to have faith in what you're doing and that their data is secure and so on and so forth. So tell me a little bit about the basis for Samsung Security.


Paul Harris [00:02:26] Yeah, before I kind of go into a bit more detail around the Samsung Knox suite of security solutions, I think it's important to kind of frame where the market is by talking around a little bit of market insight data, where UK businesses stand on the topic of security. And I think mobile technology is definitely enhanced productivity that there's no question about that over the last 20 plus years, but security is still the biggest challenge for a business. I'll give you some stats here that are out in the market, there are 97% of organisations who have faced mobile threats of use multiple attacks in the last five years. 46% of organisations interviewed in a recent market study had at least one employee who had downloaded a malicious mobile application. And at least 40% of the world's mobile devices are inherently vulnerable to cyber attacks. So that's kind of a headline level in terms of where it is globally, but more specifically in the UK, the top challenges that the recent study identified that companies are facing regarding the deployment of mobile technology. Number one, security issues, absolutely top over 50% of those interviewed agreed with that. But there are other ones that are linked to that. Compliance issues being a close second, things like version controls between mobile operating systems, apps and enterprise apps as it is a third key concern and a couple of the others around complications, around installation and management support and cost overruns and budget issues. And the final one is around resource, the lack of resources, support projects. So, people recognise it is a challenge. However, you know, there are a number of interlinked challenges and concerns that perhaps hold customers back, in really doing more to come up with a really secure and watertight security programme within their I.T infrastructure. So a number of interesting themes there, just leading into how that fits into the Samsung play. So we have a set of Security Solutions called Samsung Knox Suite, which is part of our ecosystem of products supporting all of our devices where we can help customers drive that true value with Samsung. It's market proven. It's designed to give customers advanced management, an end to end security with strong flexibility to secure, deploy and manage devices throughout their lifecycle. And there are four key areas within the suite of services that I'd like to touch on now just to bring it to life. The first one is the Knox platform for Enterprise, so that enables I.T administrators to safeguard data, at both the hardware and the software level, removing the risk of being compromised on Samsung devices. The second one is Knox Mobile Enrolment, which allows the I.T administrators to bulk enrol devices into their Enterprise without the need for IMEI management at a device level and verification. So it can be all done for an ecosystem of employees and it can be all done at once while the onus being on the end-user. The third one is Knox Manage, which is our simple and lightweight EMM for IT administrators to monitor and manage devices and secure corporate data across multiple operating systems. And the final one is our Knox E photo product within the Knox Suite, which allows organisations to remotely control firmware versions on mobile devices. Without end user interaction. It can be pushed the device managed within the I.T administrator function. So again, all of those elements packaged into one suite of products really does lock in that security message within the Samsung ecosystem really, really well.


Dave Harries [00:06:05] And presumably it's your partnership with Google because of Android and Microsoft, I guess as well is very important here because clearly when security issues do arise, you need to deal with them very quickly. You need to send out those patches and that sort of thing. So you've got to have the cooperation, presumably, of your technology partners to make all that work.


Paul Harris [00:06:25] And that's the unique thing about the Samsung ecosystem. We forged great third party relationships with the likes of specifically we're talking about Google and Microsoft. And the idea is to try and again make the experience for the end user within an corporate environment, or it could be in the consumer space as well, as easy to use as possible. And where we are working with the likes of Google and Microsoft to optimise their products and services into the Samsung ecosystem is really making some key benefits for enterprise users. For SME, for Soho customers, whereby they can be more efficient, they can utilise devices more seamlessly. There isn't the need to have to download multiple different products and applications from third party, other third parties that aren't linked to Samsung. Because we've gone with the best in class, we've come with best in breed, and we know that it's already having an impact in a positive manner across our suite of products and services. All of our devices from smartphone, tablet up to P.C., interlinking with Google and Microsoft to give the end users that level of real positive utilisation of the total ecosystem. So we'll continue to develop those relationships, will continue to innovate and evolve, and it will only get better as time moves forward.


Dave Harries [00:07:37] And is it true to say that it doesn't really matter whether you're a sole trader or a or a multibillion dollar corporation? The security is just as effective.


Paul Harris [00:07:46] Absolutely. And I think, you know, if we take a step back, a, aside from the Knox suite of products we talk about, there is a couple of things I'd like to touch on. Number one, every single Samsung device is built with our Knox grade security from the chipset up and that's a unique in the market. So you have all the overlay solutions over and above, but ultimately every single device has that Knox grade security at the centre of the technology in the device. So that's really important to mention as well as we talk about security. So that absolutely will play into sole trader all the way up to the multinational corporate. And a great thing about Knox Suite is that it's scalable. So you can pick and choose potentially which products within the suite you want to use. You know, some of that stuff like mass mobile rollout and enrolment for sole traders, completely not applicable. It's completely out of scope. But for example, if you wanted to have a look how the enhanced security and the protection of the devices, that's very much in the interest of a sole trader. So again, it's an ecosystem story within security that's scalable and unique across the total breadth of UK business. And that's a story that the Work Wonders campaign drives home.


Dave Harries [00:08:51] And talk to me a little bit about length of time, lifetime support, the sort of five years of security updates I know is mentioned in your notes and and that sort of thing. So how does that fit into all of this?


Paul Harris [00:09:03] Yes. So again, we've talked about the kind of the overall topic of security, but when we're talking about the longer term security and software maintenance releases, etc., that we can offer customers, we have a separate product set on our devices, which is known as Enterprise Edition. So to put it into into context, if we release a particular device that goes out to the consumer market there, there is often an equivalent, an enterprise edition, great device, not across the whole range, but in key parts of our Line-Up and our range from kind of a series up to our key premium range devices where ultimately in the enterprise edition you get more business grade business ready out of the box solutions, which gives more control, more choice, more protection within Enterprise Edition. So again, it's talking around the secure. We deploy and manage Knox Suite that comes with one year of Knox Suite. So you get that with EnterpriseEdition. If you buy an Enterprise Edition device right away, you're getting a value add over a consumer variant. Second, and you talk. The five year security maintenance release on key devices, we will guarantee up to five years of maintenance pushes to the device. So for example, there are a number of customers within key verticals that we work with, whether it be some in public sector, maybe some in some specific private sector verticals who want to sweat their assets for longer. Right. So they don't necessarily want to refresh after two or three years. They may want to, you know, roll them out for longer. So that peace of mind ensures that that devices are up to date, have the right patches sent to them on a regular basis. So they're completely safe from any mobile security threats. And that's super important because we recognise that customers have different IT strategies, whether it be a sole trader who doesn't want to necessarily refresh anything for up to five years, or whether it's one of those large multinational corporates that have a very specific way that they operate their i.t infrastructure. Again, we have the range of products and services from a security factor to help support that and putting enterprise edition into contexts four years ago didn't exist within the B2B market. Last year we sold upwards of 600,000 units. So there is demand in the market all the way from the SO housemate right up to those large multinational. So it is absolutely resonating and we're seeing it growing with great effect.


Dave Harries [00:11:15] Paul, before we finish, just sum up for me, will you, the importance of this within the context of the the whole ecosystem, the whole Work Wonders campaign.


Paul Harris [00:11:24] So I think it's clear that security is a critical topic for any organisation, big or small. And I think the beauty of the services and solutions from the devices that we have in a range scalable from sort of entry midrange up to premium all the way through to the security solutions in the Knox Suite. And how that plugs into the ecosystem story enables customers to have that total package knowing that they've got full security within their infrastructure of something they don't have to worry about tipping into multiple third party vendors for security. He can get it from Samsung. And actually what that enables is not only peace of mind, but also that effectiveness of cost manage and making sure that you've got not only the right set of suite of products for your customers, but the best impressed in breed as well, which we're clearly seeing through the fantastic reaction that we've had in the market for our products and services related to security and ecosystem will continue to drive that message as we evolve over time.


Dave Harries [00:12:23]
You've been listening to the One Sparks podcast brought to you by one com and taken over by Samsung for this special mini series on the Work Wonders Campaign. I'm Dave Harris, and I've been talking to Paul Harris, the head of Mobile Channel Partners at Samsung. A reminder that you can listen to all four podcasts in this mini series. Each episode deals with the different aspects of the work wonders pillars. Today we've been discussing unrivalled security, but our other episode still with lifetime support, seamless working and clever devices that make all this possible. I hope you've enjoyed Paul's expert insight. Please see our show notes for a link to our website at www.onecom.co.uk/podcast, where you can find out about everything mentioned in today's episode and links to the other podcasts. If you've enjoyed the podcast, then please subscribe and share with your friends and colleagues. In the meantime, stay safe and thanks for listening.