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Why Onecom and Virtual1

Connectivity is the critical infrastructure that enables the digital systems of a modern business. We’re Virtual1’s fastest growing partner so that we can provide scalable and dependable communications to help you transform the way you do business.

A reliable network integrated with your complete telecommunications ecosystem can help you stay connected and grow your business at your own pace. We deliver the very best, high performing, resilient and agile connectivity solutions to your business.

Band width
Whatever your bandwidth needs – we have you covered

Delivering speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb across the UK to suit all business needs from Soho to Enterprise. We use Virtual1’s dedicated business network, built specifically for business requirements.

Scale your bandwidth on demand

Working with Virtual1, we can deliver real-time bandwidth flexibility to meet your business demands as they happen. Be that a regular seasonal peak, or a short-term requirement. You can consume and pay for the bandwidth you need, only when you need it.

Keep your critical traffic away from the public internet

We have worked with Virtual1 to ensure that their network connects directly to the leading cloud, Unified Communications and SIP providers ensuring quality, performance security end to end.

Make sure your business is always connected
Make sure your business is always connected

We utilise Virtual1 and its supply chain to deliver highly resilient solutions, from physically diverse supply to your locations, or a combination of different network suppliers, to simply a mix of technology, using fibre, copper and cellular technology to ensure that you are always online.

Samsung trained
Industry-leading SLA’s

We have direct access to the solutions provided using Virtual1’s network, so we can make changes to your network when you need them. No more industry lead times of 5 working days or more.

Complete visibility of your network

We can provide reporting specific to all of your connectivity services, so you can see what applications are using your bandwidth and identify if more capacity is required.

SD-WAN Software Defined MPLS Cloud and Backup Diverse Solutions


Gain control over your network.

SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Networking) is new networking technology that delivers a management layer over the top of your network, giving you complete visibility an control of the traffic and application performance, regardless of the underlying network. So, for businesses who have many disparate sites, or rely on mission critical traffic or application performance, SD-WAN could be a key technology to future success.

If your business is looking at what SD-WAN technology could do for you right now, or it is something you plan to look at, all of our Virtual1 connectivity services are SD-WAN ready, so that you can move to explore or embrace new networking technologies at your own pace

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Software Defined MPLS

Software Defined MPLS

Securely connect with users anywhere

Onecom can provide you with a dynamic, scalable and flexible network to power your business. Using a Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network to enable you to privately connect all of your locations seamlessly, to enhance performance, remove exposure to virtual threats and attacks, as well as minimise human error.

Leveraging Virtual1’s software defined architecture, Onecom have real-time control of these solutions delivering a market leading service experience. Features such as bandwidth availability, VLAN resizing, Quality of Service (QoS) settings and BGP configuration are all configurable in minutes, rather than days and allows you to gain more control over your business.

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Software Defined MPLS

Cloud and Backup

Cloud and Backup

Private cloud solutions for your business

Cloud is an increasingly popular destination to deliver solutions. Onecom offer both cloud compute and storage (IaaS), as well as backup & disaster recovery solutions

You get access to flexible, scalable, reliable and secure environments built using best-of-breed, enterprise-grade hardware and with added protection against risks including user errors, hardware failure, security breaches and viruses.

With these solutions, you only pay for what you use, giving you access to market leading infrastructure, with a cost model built to support and flex with your organisation.

All of this can be managed via web-based management tools making implementation and ongoing management a breeze.

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Cloud and Backup

Diverse Solutions

Diverse Solutions

Designed to suit your needs

In an age of digital transformation, high performing, resilient connectivity is critical. We get that downtime can disrupt your business in more ways than one, which is why we partner with Virtual1 to ensure all our customers get connectivity that is reliable, secure and ensures business continuity.

We can help provide the infrastructure to connect your digital services along with award-winning customer service to ensure you’re always connected.

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Diverse Solutions