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Connect4Teams – how Microsoft Direct Routing can benefit your business

Connect4Teams – how Microsoft Direct Routing can benefit your business

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Currently Microsoft Teams stands as one of the fastest growing Microsoft applications of all time, boasting more than 145 million daily users worldwide and a growing selection of features.

One of these features is advanced telephony and Microsoft created teams direct routing so that businesses could bring their existing communication providers into Teams.

What is direct routing and how does it work?

Direct routing uses a Session Border Controller (SBC) which is sometimes described as a ‘PSTN gateway’ or ‘firewall for VoIP’ which sits in the cloud. SBCs are used at the border between networks to ensure data is transferred properly between them.

Calls from Microsoft Teams will be sent through the internet to the SBC. The SBC will then route the calls – usually through a SIP trunk (session initiation protocol) to your provider’s PSTN network. SIP trunks are an essential part of connecting any PBX (your business phone system) to the PSTN.

Onecom’s Connect4Teams is a complete cloud solution that delivers teams direct routing, PBX integration, secure voice recording and contact centre capabilities within your Microsoft Teams environment.

Here’s how it could benefit your business:

Fast integration

Seamlessly connect your on-site or cloud telephony platform in minutes. One-click integration allows you to keep your existing provider, SIP/PSTN trunks, routing and call centre functionality in place – all while using Teams as your single user interface.

In one workspace, you can now make and receive both internal and external calls, instant message with colleagues and share files.

Keep your existing numbers

Switching to Connect4Teams doesn’t mean losing your old numbers. Keep your existing ones alongside any new DDIs you need. This is especially helpful for your business as you can keep your phone numbers, continuity, and identity. You will also save time and money by not having to replace any systems, business materials or add extra lines and users. 

Work from anywhere

Microsoft Teams can be used on any device from any location, making it easy for your team to make and receive work calls securely through your phone system wherever they are.

From a Contact Centre perspective, we have the ability of incorporating modern cloud contact centre services within our Connect4Teams service, delivering a single and consistent user experience within Microsoft Teams regardless of being a back-office user or a contact centre agent.

Improved customer experience

The improved user experience for your workforce will have a knock-on effect for your customers. Staff will respond to customer enquiries more efficiently if they’re able to take external calls anywhere, on any device, without having to switch between applications. If customers or partners are interacting with your organisation through Teams in other ways (chat, filesharing, etc), adding the calling function makes the experience even more seamless.

Efficient reporting

We have an Advanced MI and reporting service within Connect4Teams which allows you to create bespoke tailored dashboards and reports to understand staff productivity, activity and trends. With most organisations now operating on a remote or hybrid working model, it’s a great way for you to feel more connected to your team and gain a better insight of employee wellbeing.

Safe and secure

Connect4Teams enhances the already strong security features of Microsoft Teams, such as two-factor authentication, single sign-on and encryption of data.

Through Connnect4Teams we also provide a variety of seamless and secure voice recording solutions. The options available include smart recording, compliance recording, and an additional ‘analytics’ bolt-on solution which can provide key-word spotting, sentiment analysis and much more. The recording service provides compliant recording and archiving across all communication channels in Microsoft Teams, managing complex regulatory requirements with ease.

Changes are coming with the ISDN switch off looming, so now is the time to be considering the most effective way of communication for your business. Book in with our highly qualified team of experts to talk about Connect4Teams.