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Top 5 reasons to attend Driving Digital Customer Experience: Innovative Automation in the Contact Centre

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In the data-driven world, customer experience is central to a successful digital strategy for any business. Today’s customer lives in a digital, omni-channel world, which has led to customer’s demanding more tech-forward engagements with the businesses they work with. Failure to meet these expectations can be detrimental to brand reputation; with opinions becoming more publicly accessible through social media, it’s never been so crucial for businesses to prioritise their customer experience.

To maintain their competitive edge, businesses need to consider the processes they can implement today to secure their customer satisfaction for years to come. Fueled by readily available data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to create unique and personal experiences for individuals, but on a mass scale; allowing businesses to automate processes and provide immediate customer resolution.

Join Onecom Communications for the morning of Thursday 20th September, at Mitel’s offices in Bishopsgate (London), as we explain how artificial intelligence and automation are transforming the contact centre experience. Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should register:

1. Hear Mitel’s Vice President of Strategic Innovation provide the first UK look at Mitel’s Google Contact Centre AI integration

As Mitel’s first UK Platinum Cloud Service Provider, Onecom Communications are honoured to have Joshua Haslett, VP of Strategic Innovation joining us from the US. Following the recent announcement of Mitel’s integration with Google Contact Centre AI, Joshua will be providing the first UK look at exactly what the integration means for businesses.

2. Understand the power of machine-learning

Discover how AI provides an additional layer of intelligence, learning from interactions to perform better. Covering a range of functionality geared towards improving operations, reducing customer churn, and improving customer satisfaction, machine-learning is the silver bullet for future proofing your operation.

3. Help your agents to work smarter; not harder

By reducing search time and offering action plans, AI-assisted automation can help populate responses for agents instantaneously, as well as generating a comprehensive log of previous prompts dependent upon that individual customer’s data.

4. Learn how to measure success and report ROI

Review real-time insights to proactively improve customer experience. Agent productivity in relation to call times only shows a small part of the picture. AI-powered reporting can now measure how interactions directly relate to customer satisfaction, making it easier to analyse ROI.

5. Meet the experts

We’ve got an impressive line-up of digital transformation experts on our agenda. Don’t miss your opportunity to ask direct questions to the pro’s. We have plenty of networking opportunities, as well as scheduled Q&A sessions, so make sure you take stock of your AI/digital transformation/customer experience questions before attending.  

Don’t get left behind the competition, register your place today to arm yourself with all the information you need to optimise your contact centre and deliver tangible customer experience improvements, immediately.

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