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One Net solution for Crewe Alexandra FC

One Net solution for Crewe Alexandra FC

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Vodafone One Net – a secure cloud-based phone system – proved the ideal solution for Crewe Alexandra FC (CAFC), which Onecom has supported for several years with fixed line, mobile and broadband connectivity.

One Net is a “virtual landline” system that fully integrates your mobile and landlines, making it a sound ISDN alternative which are due to be discontinued by BT in 2025. 

CAFC depends on strong relationships with supporters, so ease of communication – whether staff are working from home or the office – is a vital part of its success.

When the pandemic hit, it was essential that staff could seamlessly answer any calls to respond to supporter or business queries, even when the grounds were closed.

Luckily One Net enables calls to be picked up from a desktop phone or smartphone - wherever the recipient of the call happens to be. After a quick and seamless installation, Crewe Alexandra could work directly from home without needing to scramble for a solution to divert calls to mobiles.

Today, the reliable system is still proving effective, and the club’s 40 mobile users and more than 70 active numbers work seamlessly together with One Net.

Find the full Crewe Alexandra FC case study here. 

One Net business is a one-stop shop for businesses wanting to move their fixed and mobile contracts to one provider – with one point of contact, one contract and one bill.

And because One Net is so flexible, it can be tailored to cost-effectively serve the precise needs of your business.

View our One Net page for more information or chat to the Onecom One Net team on 03333 24 00 00.