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OneSparks Episode 4: Enabling Seamless Communications in Healthcare

OneSparks Episode 4: Enabling Seamless Communications in Healthcare

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In episode 4 of Onecom’s OneSPARKS podcast, we’ll be exploring how City and County Healthcare Group is utilising technology from Samsung and Onecom to help support their organisational objectives by effectively assisting care workers and patients in their day-to-day.

Alongside our resident interviewer Dave Harries, we’re joined by Mark Gradner, Onecom's Enterprise Sales Manager, and Amanda Hamilton, Chief Information Officer at City and County Healthcare Group. Together the trio discuss the importance of an agile and robust IT service to underpin an organisation’s key objectives.

City and County pride themselves on their digital-first IT strategy, which has enabled their care workers to stay productive, communicate easily, and capture data seamlessly to aid decision-making. Amanda explains how the use of digital has helped to centralise key patient information, helping to better inform care workers.

We discuss the use of rugged devices - specifically the Samsung rugged range, that ensures City and County’s care workers have little fear of damaging their handsets. With Samsung Knox also included, their devices are always safe and secure.

Some care workers may also have patients in rural areas, where phone internet can be lost. The software platform is completely capable of capturing it locally and then moving it up to the cloud into the secure platform on the cloud at the next point of connectivity.

Both guests have an exciting vision for the future of the healthcare industry. With 5G gathering pace, and technology expanding, it’s becoming more exciting than ever.

Listen to episode 4 of the OneSPARKS podcast here.