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Revolutionise Your Contact Centre: Unlock the Power of Agent Engagement and Empowerment - Join Our Exclusive Webinar!

Revolutionise Your Contact Centre: Unlock the Power of Agent Engagement and Empowerment - Join Our Exclusive Webinar!

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In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) is paramount and serves as a key differentiator. This is why an increasing number of organisations are prioritising the empowerment of their agents—who are at the forefront of customer interactions. By focusing on agent engagement and empowerment, businesses can revolutionise their contact centre operations, significantly enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.Top of FormBottom of Form


What's In the Webinar?

Featuring key findings from ContactBabel’s latest cutting-edge report, “The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment”, sponsored by Onecom and Five9. This webinar is designed to empower CX leaders and innovators to drive agent engagement, enhance customer experience, and boost operational efficiency.

Webinar Details:
Title: Revolutionise Your Contact Centre: Unlock the Power of Agent Engagement and Empowerment
Date: 30th April 2024
Time: 10:00 am (GMT)
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Speaker Spotlight:

The webinar, featuring an expert panel of speakers including Nick Beardsley, Enterprise Director at Onecom; Nerys Corfield, Contact Centre Consultant at Injection Consulting; and Martin Teasdale, Host of Get Out Of Wrap (GOOW) will guide attendees through the strategic nuances of creating an environment that encourages agents to take ownership of customer issues and see them through to resolution, moving away from purely cost-based metrics.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Empowering Agents: Understand the significance of empowering agents to elevate customer service, reduce turnover, and increase satisfaction.
  • Address Pain Points: Learn how to tackle common challenges such as adapting to evolving customer preferences, improving first-contact resolution, and enhancing overall customer and agent experiences.
  • Agent Engagement Impact: Discover how overcoming barriers to agent engagement leads to increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity.
  • Measuring Success: Learn actionable metrics and methodologies to measure the impact of agent engagement and empowerment on business outcomes.



Technological Support for Agents

While technology undeniably offers clear benefits for agent empowerment, it's not without its complexities. The latest Contact Babel research report reveals that 59% of agents believe that technology does not provide the right functionality or information. Recognising this, our upcoming webinar aims to shed light on how businesses can navigate these technological complexities to optimise their contact centre operations.

True empowerment of agents goes beyond equipping them with the latest tools; it's about fostering the right environment where they can develop the requisite skills and motivation to thrive. Addressing common hurdles, such as evolving customer preferences and the need for improved first-contact resolution, is paramount. By holistically empowering agents with both the technology and support they need, organisations can enhance job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and elevate the quality of customer service.

The webinar will explore how carefully chosen technology solutions, such as Five9’s AI-enabled agent-assist, interaction analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), and an omnichannel hub, can streamline operations without overwhelming agents. When aligned with agent needs and operational goals, these tools can not only reduce costs but also quicken resolution times and improve accuracy, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

Moreover, measuring the effectiveness of these strategies is essential. The session will arm attendees with practical metrics and methodologies to assess the real impact of agent engagement and empowerment initiatives on their business outcomes. Such insights are invaluable for any business seeking to bolster operational efficiency and refine customer service metrics.


Join Us to Learn More

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from industry experts how a more empowered and engaged workforce can quickly improve customer experiences and contribute to a more sustainable business model. Join us on the 30th of April at 10 AM GMT for our webinar, where we'll provide actionable insights and strategies that CX leaders can immediately apply to transform their contact centres. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your CX strategy through the power of agent engagement – register now!