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Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G – which is best for your business?

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G – which is best for your business?

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Two new smartphones are joining the Samsung Galaxy A series this year: the A34 5G and A54 5G. Both phones are affordable yet boast impressive features that let you do more, for longer.

With lots of great business tools, packed into attractive designs, your teams can work more fluidly at home, in the office or the go, in a way that suits them.

To help you decide which is right for your business, here’s what you can expect from each of the latest Galaxy A series phones:

Power up with superfast processors

Work productively anywhere with the Samsung A54 5G and A34 5G. The A54 5G’s Exynos 1380 processor and the A34 5G’s Dimensity 1080 processor give you plenty of power to email, video call and keep on top of projects on the move. You can even run heavy applications such as the likes of Adobe Creative Cloud, smooth and seamlessly.

While both processors are more than suitable for working on the go, the Exynos (A54 5G) seems to have the edge thanks to its smaller transistor (conductor to amplify power), which should improve CPU performance and lead to higher download and upload speeds.

Bigger, brighter displays

One of the main differences between the A54 5G and A34 5G is their display size. The elegant vivid 6.4-inch Infinity 0-display on the A54 5G is slightly smaller than the 6.6-inch Infinity-U display on the A34 5G. Both however, make viewing photo files or reading documents and presentations that little bit easier. And with fast action hyper reactive 120Hz refresh rate, you can watch videos, webinars, or other content seamlessly – with incredibly smooth scene-to-scene transition.

Similarly, both A series phones are comparable in size, but the A34 5G is slightly longer and wider than the A54 5G, while also weighing 3g less.

The A54 5G and A34 5G also have Eye Comfort Shield to protect your eyes from blue light during busy days of working on your phone.

Capture stunning content

Another key difference between the two phones can be found in the camera specs. Both are sure to capture awesome images for your social media accounts and presentations, but if you’re looking for the latest A series phone with the best camera set up, opt for the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.

There are three high-quality cameras on each of the devices, including an all-new, larger and brighter main camera on the A54 5G. You can take pictures for print, for websites or even capture notes during meetings.

Enhanced imaging gives you perfect pictures and with the A54 5G, you have precise focusing with its new all-pixel auto focus. The A54 5G and A34 5G come with several other handy features too, like Enhanced Photo/GIF Remaster and Object Eraser to help you edit your content and you can also adjust your angle and zoom using Auto Framing. And with a pixel width that’s 56% wider than the A34 5G, the A54 5G lets you capture vivid, higher-quality photos and videos.

Work smarter with Microsoft and Google

Both A Series phones come equipped with innovative tools to help your teams work smarter. Join presentations remotely and download files to view on the go.

Gallery Sync with OneDrive will enable your employees to easily sync photos, videos and essential work files and documents from Microsoft OneDrive to their phone, for speedy, seamless working. Plus, they can edit content on any Galaxy device, then share it quickly and easily via Quick Share.

Quick Share lets you share content without a cable or internet connection, while PrivateShare helps to keep your personal data safe when sharing.

Be more productive with longer life

Get more done with a phone that keeps up with you throughout the busiest days. With the A54 5G and A34 5G, you get a powerful 5,000 mAh battery, which gives you more than two days of power on a single charge. Get through a full day of meetings, working and keeping in touch with your team. And, when you do run a little low, 25W Super Fast Charging* puts you back in action in no time.

Plus, with 5G connectivity you can pick up where you left off on the go, without WiFi. The A54 5G also comes with WiFi6 for great connectivity when you’re not on the move.

Regarding durability, the A54 5G is the tougher of the two, sporting Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the front and back. The A34 5G only has Gorilla Glass 5 on the front with a plastic back. However, both phones have an IP67 rating to withstand one metre of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Store more essential data

Capture and store work on the move and carry more files and documents with expandable virtual memory. Both A series devices let you enhance the storage capacity on your phone when you need it. You can store up to 256GB of information, plus you can get up to 1TB of extra storage** with an optional microSD card, meaning you can save plenty of photos, presentations and other content, so they are on hand when you need them.

Protect your data with defence-grade security

Both A Series devices come with all the defence-grade, multi-layered security you’d expect in a Samsung business phone so your team can feel confident their devices are protected from threats and you can rest assured knowing all your sensitive data is kept safe.

Samsung Knox allows you to monitor privacy and security settings so you can easily see what apps have permissions and to update them. Want to prevent employees using social media on their work phone? No problem. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G also feature a smart anti-tracking system to keep you and your employees safe online.

What’s more is that both devices come equipped with Enterprise Edition (Samsung’s mobile management solution) making deploying, managing and securing your fleet of mobile devices easier.

Your IT teams can control mass rollouts of security updates at a time that’s most convenient for your business. Have peace of mind knowing Samsung updates will protect your devices from mobile threats for up to five years.

*25W charger sold separately
**1TB microSD card sold separately

The Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G are two superb, affordable smartphones that come with a host of different features which cater for different needs. While the A34 5G offers a larger display, the A54 5G has a better camera and processor, so for us, it’s a matter of personal preference when deciding between these two phones.

The A34 5G and A34 5G are available to order from Onecom now and come in a range of colours: black, green, purple, white and silver.

For a full specification see and to order visit https://www.onecom.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-a55-a34