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Unlocking CX Excellence with Zendesk: Pioneering the Future of Data Privacy and Customer Interactions

Unlocking CX Excellence with Zendesk: Pioneering the Future of Data Privacy and Customer Interactions

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Navigating the New Era of Customer Relationships and Data Security

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, customer relationships and data security aren't just part of the journey - they are the destination. With the bar for customer service ever rising and data breaches becoming all too common, businesses are urgently calling for a change. Zendesk's latest webinar has answered this call, showcasing revolutionary tools designed to shape the future of secure, customer-centric business operations.
Introducing Zendesk's Advanced Data Privacy and Protection

Zendesk's new suite, featuring Advanced Data Privacy and Protection (ADP), is the roadmap for businesses prioritising customer trust and compliance. At a time when the assurance of data safety can make or break customer loyalty, Zendesk's ADP solution provides a beacon of dependability. Gartner underscores this need, indicating that over 80% of customers might take their business elsewhere if trust is breached.
Zendesk's ADP not only guards against the potential fallout from data compromises, which IBM Security places at an average cost of $4.24 million per breach but also offers a suite of sophisticated features to pre-emptively secure sensitive data. Features like Access Log and Advanced Data Retention Policies deliver newfound governance over customer information, with upcoming capabilities like Advanced Redaction and Data Masking poised to set new industry standards in data stewardship.
Five9 & Zendesk: A Seamless Union for Elevated Customer Service

When exceptional customer experience is the name of the game, the partnership between Onecom, Five9 and Zendesk is the winning strategy. This collaborative power play provides businesses with a comprehensive, user-friendly environment for handling customer interactions across various channels, reminiscent of the convenience and efficiency of the most advanced cloud-based phone systems.
Why Adopting These Innovations Is Critical

The importance of integrating such innovations cannot be overstated. Embracing Zendesk’s ADP is not only a strategic move towards ironclad data protection but also a step towards realising the ROI of data privacy investments that Cisco outlines as 2.7 times the spend. On the customer engagement front, the synergy between Five9 and Zendesk empowers businesses to deliver personalised, omnichannel experiences that customers have come to expect.
Onecom's Commitment to Your Business's Future

At Onecom, industry-leading telephony and cloud communication solutions are our bread and butter. This is why our collaboration with Zendesk is a commitment carved in our ethos of advancing business communications. We understand that an investment in Zendesk's solutions is an investment in your business's secure and successful future.

Whether you're looking to protect your customers' precious data or reinvent how you engage with your audience, Onecom's blend of knowledge and Zendesk's cutting-edge technology are the guiding stars. By integrating these solutions, your business can forge ahead with confidence in both data security and customer service excellence.
Take the Lead with Onecom and Zendesk

Now is the time to experience the game-changing capabilities of Zendesk's advanced solutions. Watch Zendesk’s on-demand webinar to witness firsthand how these innovations can propel your company forward. For more personalised guidance on integrating these powerful tools into your business strategy, reach out to Onecom today.