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Work smarter with Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+ - now available at Onecom

Work smarter with Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+ - now available at Onecom

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In addition to our portfolio of mobile devices, we’re excited to bring our customers the Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+. Released just a few months ago, these bring performance and sleek design to the table at an affordable price.

They might just be the smartest laptops for hybrid workers and those on the go, who need something portal and lightweight, without sparing performance.

Here are 6 reasons why we love the new Chromebooks:

They have a simple, sleek design

This time round, the Chromebook is sleek, modern and slimline too – they’re easy to carry and use anywhere in the office or at home. The Chromebook 4 comes with an 11.6” screen and weighs just over 1kg, while the Chromebook 4+ offers a larger, 15.6” screen while remaining equally thin and weighing just 1.7kg.

You also won’t see any screws on the back of Samsung’s Chromebook 4+. All of its sides are clean and smooth for a more eye-catching look.

They’re comfortable

Ideal for long days at the desk or when your employees are working with a laptop on their knee, the Chromebook features a number of handy design features.

The 5.7-inch wide touchpad lets you make longer, unbroken mouse strokes – for enhanced usability. You can also find comfort and precision in typing with the Chromebook 4+’s keyboard. Its ergonomically-designed, curved keycaps deliver you seamless, comfortable typing for much longer.

They perform better

With up to 64GB storage, 6GB memory and a fast Intel processor you can store more, do more, and do it all faster.

The inclusion of an HD 720p webcam and a mono microphone ensure you’ll be able to carry out Zoom calls without a blurred screen or sound that drops out, making them ideal options for remote workers.

The Samsung Chromebook 4+ is also equipped with USB-C type ports. Its compact build and high compatibility make it easy to connect to a wide variety of devices. With ports on both the left and right sides, you can charge your device and work with external hardware at the same time.

They help you work smarter

While technology can make employees’ lives easier, the always-on access to so many different devices can, ironically, lead to them burning themselves out.

What employees need is a single device that lets them complete a range of different tasks in hand, simply and efficiently, so they can work productively. From a business perspective, those devices must be secure, durable and easy to manage.

Both Chromebooks in the 4 series offer all the productivity benefits we’ve seen with previous versions, such as the ability to create and collaborate with the Google ecosystem and fly through the web on Chrome. Both devices come with the Google Assistant built-in. Whether you want to update your calendar or reply to a message, make a note or check the news, just say “Hey, Google.”

The Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4+ also feature extended battery life, lasting 12.5 and 10.5 hours, respectively. So whether your teams are working, web-surfing, or streaming, they can power through their day, without worrying about bringing along a charger.

Enjoy fast uploads and downloads

Samsung Chromebooks support Gigabit Wifi, giving you a data link of up to 1.7 Gbps. The most obvious difference between Gigabit broadband and regular fibre is the speed. Gigabit speeds (up to 1,000Mbps) offer services up to 20 times faster than the UK’s average download speed – and this can completely transform what you can do.

It’s easier to stream HD content from the web, plus you can upload and download data in just a matter of seconds.

They’re available now

Luckily, there’s no waiting to get your hands on one of these. The Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+, are available now.

For a full list of specifications, see our Samsung Chromebook page or give us a call on 03300 888 999.