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How Samsung technology is reshaping the construction industry

How Samsung technology is reshaping the construction industry

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Frequently subject to drops, humidity, and exposed to materials like sand and dirt, typical business phones and other smart devices are often not ideal for use on a construction site.

But workers in the construction industry, whether they are on site, in the office or travelling, still need the same great features you would expect from a business device – for example, file sharing, collaboration, data transfer, notifications and security.

The Samsung range of devices available from Onecom are ideal for use in the construction industry in a range of applications. Here’s why:

Samsung rugged range

Designed for the toughest environments, Samsung’s rugged range are changing the game in construction – built to protect, prevent damage and keep you connected. These Galaxy devices are as responsive and reliable in harsh conditions as they are in the office, with the ability to withstand water, dust, drops and knocks and replaceable batteries keep you in the field for longer.

You can also integrate with barcode scanning applications transforming devices into barcode-reading tools to check warehouse inventory or manage maintenance information. They’re even AR-ready to make work environments interactive – and training even easier.

Augmented reality for productivity

Augmented reality is unmatched for allowing you to visualise virtually anything, and it’s no surprise most people think of gaming when they hear AR. But, it can also be a powerful tool for construction, to support productivity with real-time project information, better collaboration between remote teams, and for modelling of 3D structures and plans.

In 2021, many business devices are AR-enabled, such as Samsung’s ARCore-enabled device portfolio of rugged smartphones and tablets. As of June, four new Galaxy smartphones and tablets – Galaxy A22 5G, Galaxy A72, Galaxy Quantum 2, and Galaxy Tab S7 FE - have now received Google’s ARCore support. This makes sure that AR apps work consistently on all devices.

In the construction industry, communication isn’t always easy among field personnel, managers and the office – which can slow productivity or even bring it to a screeching halt. If your employee encounters a maintenance issue, they need assistance with, they can use AR technology via a Samsung tablet to reach an offsite expert. Similarly, if a worker comes across a different machine on site than what they are used to, they can access corresponding tutorials or information instantly on the tablet.

IoT for real-time monitoring

IoT (Internet of Things) technology has slowly become a key player for construction, with its ability to track and monitor assets as a way of improving safety, reducing project costs, and maintenance, while giving managers oversight of a project, by better being able to identify things before they can go wrong.

This past April, Samsung released an update that could turn old phones into IoT devices. Called Galaxy Upcycling, the software update provides enhanced sound and light control features using the SmartThings app. Devices can be turned into light sensors and sound monitors, that will pick up a recording and alert you on another device. This is ideal for tasks that may require 24/7 monitoring.

Samsung BMS (Building Management Solution) is another way construction businesses can take advantage of IoT business solutions. BMS tools remotely monitor electricity, lighting, HVAC and elevator systems and optimise settings for higher productivity, while reducing maintenance and operational costs.

With a Samsung device, you can conveniently monitor and control facilities, equipment, and building systems in real-time on authorised mobile devices.

5G for communication

5G is finally here, and for the construction industry it brings faster communication and greater flexibility while still achieving a top level of service.

Employees will be able to share large scale drawings, run resource-heavy applications without compromising on speed/performance. Not to mention it will provide a secure communication network for data to be shared.

With Samsung 5G phones, new ultra-low latency means connecting, streaming and sharing is more reliable than ever.

The Samsung S21 5G range works smoothly and consistently with collaboration platforms like Teams and WebEx. It even has Microsoft apps built in as standard, giving users instant access to emails, contacts and calendars.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is not a smartphone as we know it, it is a computer in your pocket. For users that want to get maximum productivity out of a smartphone with a single giant display, perhaps to view structural plans or designs, it’s ideal.

Cloud technology for data sharing

Our most recent OneTALKS webinar covered the challenges of digital transformation for the construction industry.

These include limited R&D budgets, lack of standardised processes, and harsh working environments that make tech investments difficult and risky. And with lots of different contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers working together on projects, this can result in major clashes in technology systems and processes that cause complication.

Cloud technology has made a big contribution to the digital transformation of the construction sector by enabling access to information on the go and in real-time – and information to flow efficiently between employees, systems and third parties.

Provided they’re given access, anyone involved in a project can see, modify and manage data stored in remote servers. For example, you might need project management tools available all the time, which can enable better collaboration and information sharing.

This data can be conveniently accessed through smartphones, tablets and other devices, no matter where your team is located. Even when field employees are working in remote locations without service, their data can be captured as it happens and can be shared and synced as soon as there is service.

A bespoke integrated cloud service such as Onecom’s OneCloud managed service platform is an ideal solution, which can be easily accessed from any device.

When making decisions on your technology roadmap for construction, we can help guide you on your journey, by selecting all the devices, data and applications you require to suit the needs of your specific business.

To speak to one of our experts about our Samsung range of devices, contact: 03300 888 999