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Onecom's 'Work Wonders' Event Recap

Onecom's 'Work Wonders' Event Recap

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Last week, Onecom hosted our 'Work Wonders: Samsung for Business' at the incredible Samsung KX venue in London's Kings Cross area.

This exclusive event brought together our customers and experts from our partners, Samsung and Vodafone, for a morning of insightful presentations, interactive demonstrations, and engaging discussions. 

Here's a recap of the event and our key takeaways:

Celebrating Onecom's Heritage

Onecom's CEO, Martin Flick, opened the day by reflecting on Onecom Group's significant 21-year heritage, shedding light on our unswerving commitment to providing top-tier technology solutions and services over the years.


Dedication to ESG and Strategic Partnerships

Martin also emphasised Onecom's strides in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, proudly acknowledging the initiatives that position us as a responsible and sustainable business. He underlined the crucial role our collaborations with tech heavyweights like Samsung and Vodafone play in driving innovative solutions for diverse business needs.

Unveiling the Samsung for Business Ecosystem

We were delighted to be joined by Darren Rawlinson, Samsung's UK MX Product Manager explained the "Work Wonders Ecosystem", encapsulating Samsung’s vision for the future workplace. This ecosystem promotes seamless connectivity and productivity, revolutionising the perception of work environments.


Prioritising Security in a Digital Age

Darren also showcased the robust Samsung Knox platform, Samsung's response to business security needs in this increasingly digital era. Its hardware-integrated security features empower businesses to stay one step ahead of potential threats and ensure continuity.

Designed to accommodate human behaviour, it safeguards against phone loss, unauthorised usage, and data breaches. Trusted by governments worldwide, Knox offers comprehensive protection from the chip up, combining hardware and software checks for optimal device performance. With real-time monitoring and robust security measures, your phone's data remains virtually inaccessible to unauthorised users.


Looking Ahead with 5G

Alison Wickens, Pre and Post-Sales Technical Service Manager from Vodafone led the audience through valuable insights into the phenomenal opportunities that 5G presents for enterprises. She delved into the concept of network slicing, a groundbreaking facet of 5G technology that allows customised network allocations to meet specific business needs.


Vodafone’s Pledge to the Planet

Alison also highlighted Vodafone's commitment to sustainability, outlining the company’s impressive initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint and foster corporate responsibility through such initiatives as their 'Great British Tech Appeal'.

The Samsung for Business event was an enlightening experience, setting the stage for the future of business technology and how our customers can 'work wonders'. Our ongoing collaboration with Samsung and Vodafone, the forerunners of tech innovation, promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Together, we're devoted to providing integrated, secure, and environmentally responsible business technology.

Stay tuned for future events and the latest updates as we continue to champion progress in the world of business communication and connectivity.