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Connect4Teams – a cloud phone system for hybrid working

Connect4Teams – a cloud phone system for hybrid working

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Microsoft Teams is now used by over 270 million people, and that’s 260% more than 2020 thanks to home working.

Its deep integration with Office 365 makes it easy for workers to chat and work together online, wherever they’re located. But did you also know Teams can include VoIP calling?

Businesses today require cost-effective, easy to manage calling solutions so hybrid teams can place and receive calls from any device and workspace. Luckily, Onecom's teams direct routing is the ideal solution.

Want to switch to cloud telephony but don't know where to start? Our guide to cloud telephony tells you everything you need to know.

How does it work?

Many businesses are ditching their traditional on-premises PBX phone systems for more flexible, cloud-based services, to increase employee productivity and reduce cost and complexity.

Connect4Teams is a suite of services, delivering telephony and enhanced capabilities into Microsoft Teams.

The teams direct routing service offering sits within our OneCloud platform, which has been designed to support all customer needs, whether you have an existing telephony service (on-premise or cloud) or if you are looking to implement something completely new.

Within our Connect4Teams suite of services, we can deliver a Standard or Enhanced Direct Routing Service into Microsoft Teams.

Standard Direct Routing is based on delivering SIP services (call routing) directly into Teams and leveraging Microsoft’s phone system capabilities. This option is a perfect fit for businesses that may require fairly basic call control capabilities and already have a Microsoft environment.

Enhanced Direct Routing on the other hand, routes calls through an Enterprise Cloud Telephony service, delivering a number of advantages such as additional call control capabilities, Enterprise-Grade Voice, enhanced availability (up to a 99.999% service) and enhanced business continuity plans.

This is ideal for growing businesses looking to access word-class cloud telephony on a reduced scale.

Why do I need Connect4Teams?

Increased productivity with one workplace

Perhaps two of the biggest worries about hybrid working is that communication and productivity may suffer if staff are here, there and everywhere.

What Connect4Teams can do is allow you to transform Teams into your complete hub for communications. Microsoft Teams has features like online meetings, chat messaging, and screen sharing to encourage interaction. Throw teams direct routing into the mix and it brings everything together into one singular workspace.

With Connect4Teams, you can now make and receive calls, instant message with colleagues, share files and integrate with business apps.

Staff don’t need to leave Teams to open Skype or another hosted VoIP solution. Everything’s handled within Teams. Add those time savings up and it produces a productive environment with less cause for distractions.

We also have an Advanced MI and reporting service within Connect4Teams which allows you to create bespoke tailored dashboards and reports in order to understand staff productivity, activity and trends. With most organisations now operating on a remote or hybrid working model, it’s a great way for you to feel more connected to your team and gain a better insight of employee wellbeing.


A well-known benefit of a cloud phone system is that you’re no longer tied to fixed desk phones.

Connect4Teams is 100% cloud-based so deployment is fast and you can port your existing telephone numbers, request new ones, or mix and match; minimising disruption to your customers but enabling your business to grow and adapt.

You don’t even need a VoIP system because we can enable Connect4Teams through your existing PSTN set-up, and this way you can extend connectivity to landlines as well.

This clever one-click integration allows you to leverage your existing investment, utilising existing SIP/PSTN trunks, keep all existing numbers, routing, and call centre functionality in place, whilst using Teams as the single user interface.

And because the Microsoft Teams app works on desktop, laptop or mobile, you can also use Connect4Teams wherever is best for you.

We’ll help you take complexity and transform it into a simply brilliant experience for your customers.

Work from anywhere

Microsoft Teams can be used on any device from any location, whether your teams are remote working, working from home, or in the office. Why have a separate application or piece of hardware when you can simply use a product that you’re probably already using every day.

The Connect4Teams solutions is highly resilient and secure, bringing together Microsoft Teams, enterprise-grade telephony and contact centre capabilities into a single service. It makes it easy for your team to make and receive work calls securely through your phone system wherever they are and serve customers on any device.

From a Contact Centre perspective, we have the ability of incorporating cloud contact centre solutions within our Connect4Teams service offering, delivering a single and consistent user experience within Microsoft teams, regardless of being a back office user or a front office (contact centre) user.

Safe & Confidential

If you are already using Teams, you’ll know it is an extremely secure platform, enforcing two-factor authentication, single-sign on and encryption of data.

Connect4Teams enhances this and provides seamless and secure voice recording via a native app within Teams. The service provides compliant recording and archiving across all communication channels in Microsoft Teams, managing complex regulatory requirements with ease.

If you’re currently using Skype for Business Online, you may know it’s going offline for good on July 31, 2021 – so you’ve got less than a month to switch!

Changes are also coming into force for the sale of PSTN, and ISDN services from September 2023. This might still feel like a long way off, but if you are to fully embrace the new, hybrid way of working, now is the time to be considering the most effective ways you can deliver it. Book in with our highly qualified team of experts to talk about Connect4Teams.

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