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New Resource: How AI & the Cloud Can Advance Your Contact Centre Ebook

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Cloud contact centre solutions are evolving. They've had to adapt to our new ways of communicating, offering an omnichannel approach that allows customers to reach out their way – whether that’s by phone, email, social media, or chat bot.

The technology being injected into contact centres today creates a truly new touchpoint experience for customers. Innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied to contact centres in exciting ways, helping to truly transform the customer journey experience with numerous benefits.

The modern contact centre is enhanced by technology. Discover how AI and the Cloud transform it in our ebook. 

A Seamless Experience

Introducing true omnichannel support for your customers means they enjoy a seamless interaction with you. For example, a customer starts with an AI chatbot which then gets transferred to a human agent — if they need additional support, the agent is able to seamlessly switch to a video/voice call from the chat window. The agent can take it one step further if necessary, escalating to another department with full context of the customer's issue. This means there's no need for them to repeat themselves. 

Empower Your Staff

Discover how embracing the cloud and AI technologies helps your business empower its staff by enabling them to work wherever they are. Now that remote working has become a necessity for many, that freedom is crucial.

Implementing AI contact centre solutions helps your agents understand their customer better by giving them a deeper insight. With every phone call, chat message, and email fed into the machine learning process, AI delivers the greatest understanding of your customers’ wants and needs, enabling you to deliver a truly personalised journey.

AI and the cloud advance your contact centre with increased mobility and greater collaboration for team members, helping your agents deliver the ultimate customer contact centre experience.

Download the Ebook

Embracing change isn’t always easy but transforming your cloud contact centre solution has enormous benefits both for your business and for your customers. To illustrate that, we’ve created a comprehensive new ebook to delve deeper into how these new technologies combine to offer a modern service.

This ebook looks at the business benefits of embracing AI and cloud technologies in your contact centre and how they change your offering to give customers a more personalised experience that’s sure to delight.

What's Included in the Ebook?

  • The benefits of implementing the cloud into your contact centre
  • Why you should care about omnichannel
  • How to keep your customer data secure
  • How AI helps your agents understand your customers better
  • Statistics regarding customer experience, and technology adoption

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