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How Experience Communications as a Service (XCaaS) can improve customer service

How Experience Communications as a Service (XCaaS) can improve customer service

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Employee experience and customer experience have both changed rapidly over the last few years and are more intertwined than ever before.

That’s why Onecom partner 8x8 has launched Experience Communications as a Service – XCaaS for short.

What is XCaaS?

You’ve probably come across the terms Unified Communications as a Service and Contact Centre as a Service.

Experience Communications as a Service brings UCaaS and CCaaS solutions together, supporting every aspect of your business from your phone system, contact centre, video conferencing, Microsoft Teams chat, analytics and other integrations (i.e. your CRM).

It provides your employees with all the information they need to handle customer interactions and improves how they interact with each other, delivering this through a single solution.

How can XCaaS benefit my business?

Customer experience

Businesses have prioritised customer experience for a while now, but employee experience has never been more important – or more connected to customer experience for that matter.

There is often a disconnect between unified communications solutions and cloud contact centre solutions, with customers choosing to abandon a service or product based on the experience of having to repeat the same information repeatedly, especially if they get passed from one agent to another.

With XCaaS, communication and interactions are in sync. Customers have a seamless experience because XCaaS allows for contextual transfers, ensuring any member of the team can pick up a customer enquiry and have all the information at hand. The customer then gets answers faster and delivered in a way that meets their needs.

Employee experience

XCaaS means employees can experience seamless collaboration with one system, accessible on any interface across voice, video and chat. Want to pick up a conversation via video that you started on a chat? No problem – with XCaaS this is easy.

Cost savings

Moving to one vendor and one single platform means that you can retire those legacy solutions that you no longer need, such as ISDN phone lines. Call charges will disappear as these are included with packages and maintenance fees disappear as XCaaS is a single solution that allows for 24/7 support.

Better analytics

Integrating customer experience and your employee experience into one platform can help you get valuable insights by leveraging the data from these interactions. This can significantly help you improve and market your products/services and give you an edge over competitors.

Though relatively new, XCaaS is quickly gaining traction in hybrid workspaces. For more insight in to XCaaS, listen to our OneSPARKS podcast episode with 8x8.

To speak to an expert about XCaaS and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with our team at 03301 359 655.