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OneSPARKS Podcast Episode 6: How  Experience Communications as a Service can Improve your Strategy

OneSPARKS Podcast Episode 6: How  Experience Communications as a Service can Improve your Strategy

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OneSPARKS final episode this year! Episode 6 of series 1 draws to a close for 2021.

Experts Oli Caudwell, Strategic Acquisitions Manager at Onecom, and James Vernon, Senior Enterprise Executive at 8x8 talk all take us through their views on the Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Centre markets, alongside the benefits of implementing an Experience Comms as a Service (XCaaS) strategy. Our experts discuss how XCaaS, alongside a centralised UC and Contact Centre strategy can lead to big improvements in customer experience.

Firstly, our experts share their opinions on how the UC market has evolved in recent years, and whether they agree that it's influenced and redefined business models worldwide. Both Oli and James identify that in the last 3-4 years, there has been an increase in demand for these services, especially during the pandemic.

Experience Communications is a service that is relevant and omnipresent in boardrooms now more than ever before, so both Oli and James speak out about why more organisations should be taking notice of XCaaS. They discuss this in depth, recognising the importance of a seamless experience and the bridged the gap between companies' front office agents and your back-offices.

There are many compelling reasons for businesses to review their strategy, not just for cost savings, but as an opportunity to retire so many old legacy technologies that are complex and costly to maintain. Call charges also disappear because they are included within bundled packages.

Understanding customers and their business needs are imperative. Oli and James both highlight that one customer doesn't necessarily want the same method of communication as another. If a business doesn’t keep up with the demands of its customers, competitors will swoop in and become more attractive. Keeping up to date with the modern world, but at the same time, making sure the user experience is as straightforward as possible is key.

Both experts end on the following final question, “How do you see communication technology developing?”. They both share the opinion that the future of the technology industry is exciting and ever-evolving.

Digital self-service or voice self-service, things like AI, in particular, will always be at the forefront, enabling to free up human agents to deal with more complex tasks. Development of analytics and visibility of your users is also important for businesses as more agile working is here to stay.

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